Insignia of the 17F squadron. 


Created on April 17th 1958 at NAS Hyères, and equipped with F4U-7 Corsairs. It took part in Algeria War before being disbanded on April 1st 1962. It was reborn on January 6th 1964, at Hyères, armed with Etendard IVMs. For five years, the squadron often moved (Istres, Nîmes-Garons, Cazaux and finally Hyères). On June 27th 1980, Etendard IVMs of the unit made their last flight. On September 5th 1980, it received its Super-Etendards. Since 1993, the squadron flies Upgraded Super-Etendards. Finally, it left Hyères and moved to NAS Landivisiau on July 17th 1993. It took part with the 11F in the Kosovo War from the CV Foch between February and June 1999.



The squadron provides close air support missions, conventional and nuclear assaults for the fleet, and anti-ship missions for the French Armed Forces. Super-Etendards definitively replaced Etendard IVPs in summer 2000 for reconnaissance.